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Our Story


We opened the doors of Taris on the Water in March of 2015.

After having spent many years in the graphics and marketing industry, we were ready for a new adventure. We had vacationed in France and were inspired by the impact of the hospitality industry; their approach to dining deeply resonated with us. The philosophy that eating out should be an experience to be savoured, where guests take the time to slow down, enjoy each other’s company and create memorable experiences. Delicious food is only part of this equation but careful consideration must be given to each component in the mix to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Armed with enthusiasm, we came back to Toronto and whilst visiting friends who live and have a business in Welland, were introduced to an old bar that was in dire need of reconstruction. The location was beautiful, right on the canal at the base of Bridge 13. We couldn’t believe there were no restaurants directly on the canal and as the saying goes…..”necessity is the mother of invention”. We view the canal and bridge as one of Welland’s largest assets and our guests agree. People take pride in sharing their stories with us of their experiences having growing up in the community and the history of the area.


Our little yellow restaurant continues to attract both new and familiar faces every day and we derive much pleasure from seeing guests coming in, recognizing friends and family and re-connecting with neighbouring tables.


We look forward to making more happy memories!